Client List

Here are some of our clients that we have manufactured tanks for since July 1994.

Tank # Company Size City Built State Country
9859 Anheuser Busch 61-35 Houston TX USA
9870 Waiohuli 71-20 Maui HI USA
0095 Sabritas 34-24 Mexicalli Mexico
0873 Artesian Wastewater Management 40-20 Newark DE USA
06235 Valley Proteins 24-24 Rose Hill NC USA
02148 Freegate Island 24-20 Victoria Seychelles
03185 Rantoul Foods 79-24 Rantoul IL USA
03188 Kraft Foods 104-20 Newberry SC USA
04204 Southwest Cheese Company 61-24 Clovis NM USA
04209 Dupont Teijin 24-17 Hopewell VA USA
06231 Penn National Race Course 49-12 Grantville PA USA
07238 Frito Lay 104-30 Jonesboro AR USA
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